To add value to the architectural designs of our environment through colors. This would in effect enhance the living conditions of our end – users and specifiers.


Saclux Vision is to remain world class in all its production and manufacturing activities while marketing high quality products at considerable prices to its discerning end - users and distributors.

As part of its vision, Saclux is passionate and on the look out to providing employment to career driven people within the productive age.


1. Superior Customer Delivery Services: Saclux Industries Nigeria Limited has a superb and prompt product delivery services via its transport and technical sales functions across Nigeria and the shores of West Africa. This is to enhance the availability of its products to builders, specifiers and end – users at all times and with ease.

2. Dynamic Innovations: Saclux through its modern laboratory constantly carry out dynamic and innovative “Research and Development” function on its products to meet with the changing demands of its teeming customers. It is enhanced by the quality assurance and quality control unit of the Saclux process and product laboratory.

3. Undisputed Integrity Having been in the manufacturing business over 25years, Saclux has a reputation and a name to protect hence it has an undisputed integrity before its staff, teeming customers, distributors as well as before Nigerian Government.

4. Team Spirit “Together each achieves more” is Saclux definition for team work. There is a total collaboration between the Production function, Marketing function, Transport function and the management function. The team spirit is excellent and this has given rise to the production of quality products to our customers.

welcome to the world of colours