Saclux Paints is of Nigeria's leading brands when it comes to painting and beautifying walls, houses, offices in Nigeria.

We have been persistent with quality of our products and competitiveness.

Below is the range of our products:

1. Saclux Acrylic Emulsion
2. Saclux Gloss
3. Satin finish
4. Sacflash Auto Flex Finish
5. Sacflash Varnish
6. Sacflash Primer
7. Sacflash Hardener
8. Sac-Tex Standard Textured Finish
9. Sac-Tex Premium Textured Finish
10. Saclux P.O.P
11. Royal Glaze Premium Emulsion Finish
12. Saclux Red Oxid Primer
13. Saclux Matt Gloss
14. Saclux Wood Finish and Preservatives
15. Bright Aluminum
16. Saclux Thinners
17. Saclux Matt Black

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