We don’t paint dreams or nightmares,
we paint our own reality

Dream your painting: paint your dream

Paint the spirit and soul of what you see

With God and with paint, you can fill
the emptiness in you

Saclux Paint


to the home of Quality Paints. Saclux Paints Manufactures high Quality Paints, the company diversified its products base and introduces high class liquid paints texcote,

emulsion and gloss. we are a quality oriented company working to add value, comfort and beautifcation of the environment...

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We Guarantee Superior Quality

Saclux Paints is of Nigeria's leading brands when it comes to painting and beautifying walls, houses, offices in Nigeria.

We have been persistent with quality of our products and competitiveness.

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To add value to the architectural designs of our environment through colors. This would in effect enhance the living conditions of our end – users and specifiers.


To remain world class in all its production and manufacturing activities while marketing high quality products at considerable prices to its discerning end - users and distributors.


Superior Customer Delivery Services, Dynamic Innovations, Undisputed Integrity, Team Spirit “Together each achieves more” is Saclux definition for team work.

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